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Michael from Marketing Belly
Michael from Marketing Belly

Hey small business owner! Thank you for taking the time to find out a little about me.

My name is Michael and I am all about marketing. Some people might call me a nerd, but I like to call myself informed.

I have successfully built and sold 5 small businesses, so I know what it takes to market and brand a small business.

I created this site to give back and help small business owners across the world who are lost when it comes to marketing.

Alot of people claim to know about marketing but they are operating in theory, and NOT in what really works for everyday business owners. I like to talk about things that are working yesterday, today, and beyond…

I drink marketing kool aid daily, and have made a great living because of understanding marketing.


Marketing Nerd & Lover of the Voice?

So if I could tell you one other thing about me besides that I love marketing, it would be that I am also a lover of the show The Voice. I have ZERO singing talent, and it just amazes me that we have so much talent across the USA. It is totally cool, and I am addicted.

So when I am not consuming marketing content, or posting here, I will surely be watching old and new episodes of The Voice.

Here is one of my FAVORITE Voice battles below:

Now tell me these guys can’t sing and I will tell you that you are lying. lol My favorite for this round is Michael…

I also like his name. lol (wink wink)

Contact Michael

SO Now you know a little about me. If you ever need me, or have a question about something I posted, feel free to email me anytime. michael (at) marketingbelly.com

I look forward to hearing from you guys!