Types of Marketing part 2 of 2

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Hello again! As promised here is part two of the main types or channels of marketing in the world.

If you haven’t read part one you can read it here.

  • Telemarketing


Telemarketing is a common way to sell or to give customer service to people. There was a time when call calling was very popular and you would get calls from random people often at odd hours. They were trying to sell you something, a product or a service. This type of marketing is still strong, but the tactics have changed and with the advancements of technology a lot of things can be done with computers and Artificial Intelligence. Companies are using smarter approaches and using tactics where potential clients are already looking for them, rather than hunting down the clients.

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  • Network Marketing

This form of marketing was born with the idea of having cheaper products and more benefits for the consumer. Also known as Multi Level Marketing or MLM, Network Marketing eliminates most of the distributors between the factory and the client and also eliminate traditional advertisement. They knew that word of mouth was one of the most effective ways of advertisements and also that people were trusting less and less in TV and magazine ads, Network Marketing companies decided to pay the final client instead. This way both parties would save money and also have the chance to build a huge network of distributors and earn commissions for every sale or product consumed. We have to be careful because there are a lot of companies that are not safe to join and may offer big rewards and could work for a while but the truth is that most companies fail. The good news is that there are good companies that have been successful for many years and have lots of successful distributors. Network Marketing is a good opportunity to grow as an entrepreneur, you can learn many things and grow as a human being, but at the end Network Marketing is harder than it seems and requires a huge amount of effort, hard work, quality relationships to get to the top.

network marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing

In 2017 people don’t longer look in the yellow pages when they need their carpet cleaned, a roof installed or a kitchen renovation, they go to Google, Bing or Yahoo. In today’s world you have lots and lots of information in your pocket. With a quick search on your Google Chrome browser you can find the phone of a plumber near you or you can look for the schedule of the movie that you want to watch. There are a lot of websites with information, but how does Google decide which website goes first? This an interesting question and the answer could be very long, but let me make a quick summary. A website will be at the top of Google (or other Search Engines) depending on the Page Authority that the website has. This authority is determined by the relevance of the whole website and more specific, on how well the website is optimized. There is the onpage optimization which involves: using and focusing on the correct keywords for the niche and of course relevant content in text and images. The other is the off page optimization where you will use the strength and power of other websites with a link to your site, this will serve as votes (like a popularity contest). The website with more powerful links as well as optimized and relevant content will win the race and the top spot in the page of Google.

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