How To Market Like A Big Brand

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Marketing is not easy, especially when you are a small business, you must use your resources wisely.

We don’t all have millions of dollars to spend on our marketing, or money to waste.

Small businesses are frustrated because of spending so much money on marketing without getting more customers.

When will all the social media posts pay off???


If you are frustrated and just need more customers and more money, just keep reading, I’m here for ya

Tips To Marketing Your Biz

The first thing you can do is make sure you know who your target customer is. Knowing this will help you spend your marketing dollars wisely :).

Be specific about your target client and what their problem is…let them get to know like and trust you.

Make sure you have essential marketing materials so yo can brand your business. You need:

A great mobile friendly website

Build an audience with a great blog with great content, keywords you audience is search for, and blog titles that your target audience is searching for…

See why it’s so important to know your target audience?!

Great content on your blog drives traffic to your blog, and from there you link to your website, and it drives great, targeted traffic to your website.

This is a must!

The key to blogging is being consistent to see results. I know alot of small businesses think they don’t have time to blog, but its a free consistent way to get in front of your customers.

Social Media & Marketing


If you are a small business another great and inexpensive way to get in front of your customers is through these high authority properties.

I suggest you have the following accounts:



Google Plus

Pinterest (Depending on your product or service)


Make sure you are consistent, and link all of your properties… Make sure all of your marketing materials all reference your social media accounts. Make sure they are updated atleast twice per week.

The social media account information should even be on your business cards. Everyone you meet should get one of these.

Marketing Strategy


If you are on a tight budget, but need to get the marketing going ASAP, start with your circle of influence. Try to make a list of the people that know and trust you…You can also join associations or networking groups.

Get referrals, and get them now! Market to people consistently so they know what services you provide…email, phone and in person are the best ways to market!!

You can use an auto-responder to send them all an email pertaining to your business. Remember when you are out of sight you are out of mind, and that is never good for business.

You can get in front of potential customers for free, and the ones who resonate with your message, will sign up for your list, and want to hear from you. The ones who resonate with you will read your blog posts and comment, and you can help them get to where they want to go…

Remember, you are here to help people. Be consistent…Consistency is key, and will keep the consistent cash rolling in.

Stay at the forefront of people’s minds…be excited without making everything sound like a sales-pitch…

You must believe in you and your product if anyone else is going to.

We’ve covered alot of info in this short post, but I know you can handle it.

Look in the side bar and grab a book on marketing if you need more information on marketing your small business.

If you need more help growing your small business, read my other post, or just stay tuned and I will see ya next time.

-Michael Out